# Word Length
Execute a search to see results.
What is WordSearch?

WordSearch is a powerful and free tool used to search for words in a database. Learn more here.

Starts With

Matches words that start with this value.

Ends With

Matches words that end with this value.


Matches words that contain this value. Use . (dot) for a single wildcard character and .* (dot asterisk) for multiple wildcard characters. For example, if you set contains to*, then the results include words such as "absinthe", "absinthic", etc.

Contains (Advanced Usage)

This field accepts Regular Expressions as well. See information about Regular Expressions here

Minimum Length

The minimum length of a word.

Maximum Length

The maximum length of a word.

Results Count

The maximum number of results displayed for one search. Higher values means that it takes longer to process the search request.